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INACTIVATED-2nd-Batch-Bug157609_8mm Tempered Glass Shelf Sound System Rack
INACTIVATED-2nd-Batch-Bug157609_8mm Tempered Glass Shelf Sound System Rack
Joe from New Jersey

Nice Rack, [...]. The rack itself is very nice. Shelves are fixed so your components may not stack up the way you want them to. [...] It was also missing 2 of the special nut inserts in the back section.

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Your entertainment system is an integral part of any living space, and our AV Racks & Stands categories give you access to the finest accessories. Components racks and shelves offer easy accessibility to equipment and are adjustable for fast customization. Featured audio rack setups are equally impressive in sizes and styles that fit traditional or contemporary decor. Sound is the last critical step, and you’ll find the most popular configurations in our Speaker Stand and Speaker Mounts sections. You'll find styles in this collection for traditional settings as well. Create a multimedia entertainment center with expanded shelving and consoles, and open shelves and enclosed cabinetry provide a full range of style options. Custom designs include easy cord and cable hookups at the rear.


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