Awesome Disco Balls

Awesome Disco Balls

Spinning, Flashing Lights of Fun

A party essential. When the music starts, a disco ball completes the mood. Without one, the party can be just...meh. The mirrored disco ball creates a floating, swirling effect perfect to dance to, and the mult-colored lights enrich the room with upbeat and vibrant energy. Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.

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I live in South Florida and we definitely know how to party down here. I think I've seen these lights in clubs around here before but I didn't know you could get them for your home. These would make my next party the bomb!

Connys Marenco, Customer Service, ShopLadder
Connys Marenco
Disco Planet Light in Multi Sold Out Until 11/23/18
Disco Planet Light in Multi


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