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Paul J. Kairis Interior Designer

Designer: Paul J. Kairis
Contact:(800) 835-8299
Location(s): New York, Newport, Palm Beach and Waverly
Years of operation: 15

  1. What made you interested in interior design?
    This is a Hard question. Who knows what ever makes us do the things we do? The easy answer is PASSION. I LOVE what I do. But, if I have to say what may have been the catalyst for my Passion for Interior Design, it might come down to my Aunt and Uncle. When I was a little boy, every year during the 4th Of July week I was sent to my Uncle and Aunt's home in Washington D.C. I remember being so fascinated by their home and them and their friends. They had a Classic Brick Washington house. The inside, though, was very unique to me! It had classic lines, fireplace, molding, etc... BUT... it was washed in white paint...which was very unusual for the time. There was Large, Big, Bold Art; there were Antiques mixed with Mid Century Furniture; there was always Music Playing, the Clinking of Glasses, and People Talking, Laughing, and Smoke Billowing around... quite Auntie Mame meets Mrs. Robinson. It was EYE CANDY for a little boy. Many of the people were Famous (even though I didn't know it at the time!!). As a matter of fact, there was One Painting in particular that I TRULY always loved. It was titled "The Cocktail Party". It was an abstract painting of an actual Cocktail Party, not unlike the ones I had been observing on my visits. There was an image of Jackie Kennedy  as part of the painting. The artist was the wife of a VERY famous Washington person who was best friends with my Aunt and Uncle. To add to the whole impact of my visits with them, and how those visits inspired me to become an Interior Designer come full circle to this moment, when they died I inherited "The Cocktail Party" painting. I cherish it and the impact of those visits to this day!

  2. How would you describe your design style?
    That is almost the Perfect question for me. I know this may sound corny or it may sound even a little vain to some people, but I am very proud of the fact that I like to say, " I have STYLE, not ‘A' STYLE". I guess that sounds a little confusing, but I like to think that I have Good Taste, Good Design Sense, Good Scale, so I just like to apply those Sensibilities to each client and each project. If I walk in with MY style then the client would get lost. It would not be their HOM. Then all of my projects would look the same and have "A" Style. Instead I apply my Talents and coax the Style out my Clients and Their residence. I make every house personal and rather try to make their home reflect their style... not mine. Thus the name of my company is NOT my name, but rather the way it should be- HOM. Personal Interiors.

  3. What is your favorite piece you have ever placed?
    WOW! That is truly a tough question. I always like to think of the Future and say, the next piece I Place!! But, to be truthful, it will ALWAYS be the Art!! In EVERY project we wind up creating at least one original piece of art for a Client... usually many more. But, I always tell clients, a Paint Color, a Sofa, a Light Fixture, almost anything can be bought by someone else. BUT, the addition of the Art and the Accessories is the magic that is impossible to duplicate that makes your HOM. personal. So, I truly Emphasize and Encourage clients to really think of these purchases as THE Most Important!! I firmly believe that it is the last 10% of the pieces, meaning the Art and Accessories, that makes their HOM. a 100% "HOME" RUN!

  4. What should people look for in a designer?
    They should like their Designer. They should like their Designers work. They should trust their Designer. Without trust, their project will never turn out special. You trust your doctor, your dentist, your hair stylist, You have to trust your designer. They should take your home to a place and level you never dreamed of. They should not "push" you far out of your comfort zone, but a good designer should take you much further than your imagination can take you, or what really is the point? So combine TRUST with Talent and you have your Designer!

In closing, I always like to say to people, "There is no right or wrong in design". You should apply Creativity, Curiosity, and a little Courage. You should try to move beyond having your home look like everyone else's home and make it your own HOM. There are so many options to choose from... we now MIX and MATCH. We Use HIGH with LOW price pieces together. The only rule is there are no rules. And if you ever find it hard to do yourself, well then, just call HOM. There is no place like HOM.

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