What Themes will Rule Supreme in 2015 - ShopLadder Virtuosos

So, 2015 is upon us and everyone is asking what design trends and themes will lead us into the New Year. We have taken the time to survey some of the leading designers across the country how they see 2015 panning out. We call these leading designers our ShopLadder Virtuosos. Expect to see more from these and other leading designers in the coming months as we ask top interior designers the important questions.

Sarah Stacey | (512) 796-7388 | Austin, TX

Luxe Minimalism - this is a nice break from all of the busy décor from the past few years. With a focus on texture and colors there will be minimal patterns on textiles. Instead, pattern comes through in color blocking, contrasting lines in furniture and architectural materials.

Allison Jaffe | (512) 343-4553 | Austin, TX

I am doing a lot of eclectic projects where the home may read more traditional but the client’s taste is more contemporary or modern. Its been fun to mix and match the two styles. Its unexpected and may have less of a chance to tire the rest of the year

Paul Kairis | (800) 835-8299 | New York, Newport, Palm Beach and Waverly

MIX is the new MATCH

The trend for the year is that the MIX of styles is more important than the MATCH so you can create your own personal STYLE.

The trend in mixing styles started years and years ago in the Fashion world. People stopped wearing ONE designer " head to toe " and began mixing them to create their own "style".

This has firmly moved into the Interiors of Homes as well. We now don't define a house as just classic, modern, retro, euro, country etc. We now define it by the Personality of the owner, by the mix of design, furniture, art and accessories that allows each house to resemble the people that live in it.

This of course doesn't mean throwing away basic good design skills of proportion, scale, balance, color and just plain good taste. It instead allows for the true Freedom of a House to become a HOM. And express the Personalities of the People who live there.

Pamela O'Brien | (713)-880-1934 | Houston, TX

I am seeing Mid Century Modern look very strong for 2015. Architects are incorporating it more and more into home and building design and mainstream furniture companies are creating full collections for every room in the house. No longer just for trendsetters and Mad Men aficionados, Mid Century Modern’s clean lines and graphic style are back and better than ever.

Sunny K Merry | (510) 207-9198 | San Francisco, CA

I'm really loving the quirkiness of the Memphis Milano movement of the 1980's. Geometric shapes in ice cream colors. Wonderfully timed with the coming of spring! Here are some examples!

Beverly Vosko | (713) 464-0055 | Houston, TX

In my opinion the most important trend in 2015 is the use of more color. For the last few years, everyone has been designing monochromatic rooms in white or off white or gray. I think people are finally getting tired of monochromatic rooms and are interested in a fresh look. And color is the way they are freshening up their rooms- color on the walls be it paint or wallpaper, and color in their fabrics and curtains and accessories. What colors are popular in 2015. Purples and teal blues are making a statement and look fabulous alongside the whites and grays that we have been using. Yellow is another popular color and is being mixed with gray and white. So if you want a fresh look, add some color to your rooms. The easiest and least expensive way to add color is to paint one wall. Or add some colorful pillows or accessories. Try adding some color to your rooms and see what a wonderful change it can make.

Amanda Nisbet | (212) 860-9133 | New York, NY

Minimalistic Design, i.e. Black and white with a hint of glam

Suzi OBrien | (619)-964-7716 | San Diego, CA

Global Infusion of Artisans taking historic skills and time honored designs and making them fresh and new. With so much online ... Designers can source up and coming textile designers and artists abroad! Exciting Time. I'm working on a Spanish Mediterranean Home and am sourcing tile, textiles and art from new artists in those countries.

Alex Dahlgren | (214)-432-6596 (Dallas) | (213)-291-9558 (San Diego, CA & Los Angeles, CA)

I believe that restrained luxury will be leading trend of 2015. Rich materials used in ways that make a clear statement will be the common thread seen in the new year.

It appears that 2015 will be yet another year of thoughtful, diverse design options for consumers. It seems that there is at least one consistent theme running through all our designers' responses: that there are options to fit nearly any taste. Think you have the design chops for the ShopLadder Virtuoso program? Reach out to Jayson Alexander to show off your portfolio and apply to the program.

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