BabyBjorn Serveware

BabyBjorn Serveware

Colorful Kid Cuisine Accessories

Excitement is back on the menu. BabyBjorn's collection of cool kid's meal accessories includes cups, utensils and plates. Mealtime can be quite a chore for parents. But with these colorful and captivating products, your child will look forward to breakfast, lunch and dinner. And so will you!

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My son no longer needs kiddie dishes but I still think these are adorable. BabyBjorn just makes the coolest stuff. I particularly love the spoons with the big eyes.

ShopLadder Curation Team
ShopLadder Curation Team
BabyBjorn - Spoon - Set of 2 Sold Out Until 03/02/17
BabyBjorn - Spoon - Set of 2


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