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Candle holders aren't just for accommodating your candles -- they're a stylish design statement in their own right! Tiered candelabras, candlesticks, sets, candle sconces, trays, tea lights and votives bring illuminated dimension and depth to any room. Make a unique impression with hurricane candleholders or a distinctive lantern holder. Majestic pillar candle holders accommodate arrangements or a single large candle. Our styles range from timeless & traditional all the way to current, trendy standouts. Just grab a match and you're on your way to glowing grandeur. Enjoy the glow of candlelight in both traditional and contemporary artful designs that will light up the patio for peaceful enjoyment or outdoor gatherings. Themed stands are terrific table toppers while candelabras can add warming brightness to an outdoor hearth. They're just as decorative when not in use, too!


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