Colorful Kids Play Cubes

Colorful Kids Play Cubes

Wires, Waves & Endless Wonder

Learning takes a fun twist and turn with this assortment of curvy, colorful kids play cubes. Wire-routed bead mazes, twisty channels, fun flipping tiles and other delights will keep any child interested and engaged. Complex but not too tough, these educational tools can help develop critical thinking skills. Perfect for waiting rooms, classrooms and more.

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I keep seeing these fun play cubes in pediatrician's offices and after seeing this collection I know I need to get one for my child. They look perfect for keeping a kid occupied for hours. And great for their creativity.

Nathan Haase, Product Development & Design, ShopLadder
Nathan Haase
KidKraft - Bead Maze Cube Sold Out Until 08/02/18
KidKraft - Bead Maze Cube

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