Craft Components: Bags, Borders, Buttons & More

Beads & SetsBeads & Sets96 Items
Craft Boards & SheetsCraft Boards & Sheets36 Items
Craft ContainersCraft Containers6 Items
Craft EyesCraft Eyes23 Items
Craft FeathersCraft Feathers4 Items
Craft KitsCraft Kits20 Items
Craft Pom PomsCraft Pom Poms8 Items
Craft Sticks & StemsCraft Sticks & Stems58 Items
Flower Theme CraftsFlower Theme Crafts15 Items
Foam Sheets & PiecesFoam Sheets & Pieces63 Items
Glitter, Glue & PiecesGlitter, Glue & Pieces64 Items
More Enhancements/ToolsMore Enhancements/Tools127 Items
Paper CraftPaper Craft16 Items
Pins & ClothespinsPins & Clothespins8 Items
RhinestonesRhinestones20 Items
SequinsSequins9 Items
ThreadThread9 Items
YarnYarn8 Items

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A variety of craft components for fun school arts and crafts projects include bags, borders, buttons, chalk, doilies, feathers, felt, masks, paper mache, sticks, strips, wiggle eyes, wire, wood crafts, yarn, sequins & spangles.


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