Distinctive Fountains

Distinctive Fountains

Sculptures That Make a Splash

Nature is the best stress reliever and the sound of running water is one of nature's most soothing sounds. So invite calm into your home with a refreshing fountain in the shape of pouring water pitchers, tiered steps, rock towers or Buddha statues. Chose from a variety of sizes, from tabletop to three-feet high—all with easy assembly.

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There's something about the sound of splashing water that is instantly relaxing. And this collection showcase some of the most distinctive designs I've ever seen. The rock fountains in particular remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house.

Don Hoffman, Content Editor, ShopLadder
Don Hoffman
Tiered Step Fountain Sold Out Until 10/29/18
Tiered Step Fountain

$58.61 $76

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Stones Tower Fountain Sold Out Until 10/29/18
Stones Tower Fountain

$78.56 $111

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Handcrafted Tabletop Fountain Sold Out Until 10/29/18
Handcrafted Tabletop Fountain

$52.08 $76

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Buddha in Egg Fountain Sold Out Until 10/29/18
Buddha in Egg Fountain

$77.10 $106

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Lighted Zen Fountain Sold Out Until 10/31/18
Lighted Zen Fountain

$168.14 $260

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