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72 in. Removable Plate Grill
72 in. Removable Plate Grill
lazygriller from Ohio

So far so good. This is the 3rd George Foreman we have owned. We used the first one for years. It did not have removable plates and cleaning it was a little difficult. 2nd one had removable plates but some kind of black dust kept coming off the back of the plates even though the back was not black. We've had the 3rd one for only a couple of weeks. We use it a lot and so far no black dust and clean up is a lot easier. We especially like that the drippings drain off the food making it healthier. fast and easy cooking.

72 in. Removable Plate Grill
72 in. Removable Plate Grill
WanderingStar from Undisclosed

Hasn't left my countertop. I hate anything on my countertop, not even a decorative cookbook BUT my Foreman will never be stored away. I live alone, work 70 hours a week and never cooked, now I can't wait to get home and cook everything from salmon too bacon. Yes bacon, comes out like it looks in adverts crispy but not so that it crumbles or burns. Last night I bought Portuguese sausage and looking forward to finding out how it turns out. Highly recommend!!!!

72 in. Removable Plate Grill
72 in. Removable Plate Grill
Mikey from Perry, Ok

The first time I used the ... The first time I used the grill I cooked a 3/4 inch strip steak for 15 minutes and it came out perfect and I can't cook. A frozen hamburger patty 10 minutes or less. I think it is a stretch to say this grill would be suitable for a family of five. Also I would like to have some guidance on what I can cook and cooking times. The grill plates are so easy to clean. They just snap out and with the non-stick surface can be cleaned in seconds.

72 in. Removable Plate Grill
72 in. Removable Plate Grill
elbrtark001 from Undisclosed

Excellent appliance. I am very happy with the 5 serving removable plate grill. Much easier to clean than the original. So far, it is performing as the advertisements I found said it would. I recommend it to anyone.

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Plug in and turn on. These electric cookware items amp up your kitchen skills. From cookers & steamers to crock pots, from griddles to George Foreman grills -- this assortment offers outstanding variety, excellent value and dependable performance. We have electric can openers, deep fryers, multi-cooker skillets to accommodate a handful of dishes and food steamers for healthy, nutritious, tasty vegetables and meats. Get an induction cooktop for pizzas, pasta and much more. Any way you cut it, our slicers are simply top notch.


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