Epicureanist Wine Tools

Epicureanist Wine Tools

Accessories with Style

Epicureanist makes more than wine tools that function wonderfully, they are also designed magnificently. Functionally, the aerating funnel set strainer catches sediment as wine is poured, and the stand cradles the funnel to prevent stray wine drips. Stylistically it looks great. Their Waiter’s Corkscrew looks great in stainless steel, its curved grip is comfy, and the bone accented handle is gorgeous. Function + Style = great gifts for any wine lover.

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We created Epicureanist to cater to those that enjoy the gourmet lifestyle as much as I do. I have a blast creating and sourcing new, deviceful products that make the gourmet lifestyle easy to attain.

India Hynes, Vice President, Vinotemp
India Hynes

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