Festive Wine Totes

Festive Wine Totes

Colorful Carriers from Picnic Plus

Turn an ordinary picnic into a party with these patterned wine pouches, backpacks, carriers and baskets from Picnic Plus. Fully insulated and available in an array of fun styles, these travel essentials ensure the wine is chilled and the cheese is fresh when you're on the go. Chose from single carriers or complete sets.

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When I go out on a picnic I like to have everything organized. But it's also nice to have a picnic basket that looks good. So I think these festive totes are pretty awesome. They'll definitely jazz up my next outing!

Steven Bellamy, Supervisor, Customer Service, ShopLadder
Steven Bellamy
Chrysanthemum Single Wine Carrier
Chrysanthemum Single Wine Carrier


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