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Introduce some fabulous retro floor mounted counter and barstools into your bar setting, and your customers will love going back to that great time in the fifties, with that classic music, those great colors, shiny fabrics and terrific styling! Soda Fountain counter stools. That's what I'm talking about. Yeah baby. It's a Fonz statement that brings back oh so many memories - or if you are that echo boomer who just loves that era - this is it, man. The coolest, cat. The retro look has become one of the most popular choices for both bars and homes today and these bar stools will be an excellent choice if you are planning to update kitchen, bar or family room. Chrome plated possibilities combine with color creations to bless any restaurant or home diner with these retroriffic finds. Perfect adjacent to a counter, and commercial grade, these floor mounted seats usually swivel. We also have some that are great as stand alone pieces so they are good for home use, providing a real tribute to the 50’s.


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