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Rail Mounted Pole
Rail Mounted Pole
AJ from Norwood, MA

A Great Addition To My Deck Oasis. I have an assortment of glass and metal lanterns that I am hanging from the hook of each of the poles that I purchased. My small deck is now the candlelit oasis that I envisioned when I moved into my new condo in August. I am so happy with the rail poles and look forward to hanging flowering plants from them as well. Customer Service was great! Very helpful and professional. THANK YOU!

Wrought Iron Trellis Planter Rings
Wrought Iron Trellis Planter Rings
Addicted to Gardening from Chicago, IL

We Love our Planters. This product, along with the trellis that I bought allows me to have an urban oasis right in my back yard. I get a ton of compliments

Double Leaf Maple Fixed Bracket with Swirl
Double Leaf Maple Fixed Bracket with Swirl
Dallas Garden from Dallas, Texas

Charm and praticality! These hooks were not only practical and easy to install, but they added a touch of charm to the corners of the garden wherever they were hung!

Flowerpot Ring, 8 Inch, Wrought Iron
Flowerpot Ring, 8 Inch, Wrought Iron
pollyanna from Santa Fe

Great for indoor fern. Great for hanging a very large fern indoors.

Wrought Iron crollwork Bracket
Wrought Iron crollwork Bracket
Rocketman from Laguna Beach

Good product; very attractive. Very attractive, well made but shipping problems;eg,comes in a set of 2, but when I ordered 4-sets (8), they only sent me a total of 4 pieces.

ShopLadder Garden Accessories

Your garden will look exquisite with touches of metal throughout to add to the lush contrast of your flowers and plants. Our collection of wrought iron and solid metal garden gates, trellises and arbors are beautifully crafted. We also carry a rich collection of exquisitely designed extensions, trellis bases, and wall brackets as well as finely crafted planter rings.


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