Get Creative With Capiz

Get Creative With Capiz

Chic Shell Art, Accents & Lighting

Capiz shells with their white, translucent coloring are considered among the most versatile of raw decorating materials. When this delicate shell is incorporated into everyday items like lamps and mirrors, the effortless luminosity they impart is nothing short of elegant. Whether used for practical purposes or when included in works of art, their natural beauty is undeniable and the end result is captivating.

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You always want visitors staying in your home to feel welcome. That is a good reason you might chose to use Capiz shell decorative pieces and mirrors for a guest room, where the luminous glow of these natural shells would be calming and inviting.

Connys Marenco, Customer Service, ShopLadder
Connys Marenco
Princess Capiz Hanging Lamp
Princess Capiz Hanging Lamp

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