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10'x10' Green House
10'x10' Green House
SK the Gardener from Texas

Just what we were looking for. We wanted a portable greenhouse to put over our existing tomato plants to try to elongate our growing season. It was easy for the four of us to assemble and place over the spot. It appears quite sturdy, but if something like Hurricane Ike hits again, it will be in the adjoining pasture.

ShopLadder Greenhouses

Start seedlings, nurture tender young plants, and develop tropicals or sensitive vegetation. Easy to set up greenhouses are designed in several sizes to meet a gardener's nursery needs like compact units that will protect a handful of container plants. Add shelving to larger walk-in sizes for multiple maintenance. Coverings protect from wind and UV damage, and all these are economical options that make it convenient to purchase more than one.

Each is designed to provide the perfect surroundings in sun or shade placement and will keep winds and weather at bay. From small ground covers to reach-in shelving to fully-scaled professional units, there’s a style for every level of gardener and nature lover. Protect your starter plants from frost or nurture exotics and tender perennials in an array of greenhouse settings, and many of these are economical enough to make it convenient to purchase more than one.


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