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Mr. Scrappy Multi-Purpose Tool in White
Mr. Scrappy Multi-Purpose Tool in White
Judy LeeAnn from Michigan

Love it. This is so easy to use for my disposal. It scrapes the dishes and it pushes the food into the disposal so I don't have to use my hand. I when I want to use it to plug the sink to fill with water it works great as a plug, holds water. The plug that came with my sink never held water. also this looks very nice, not cheap looking or ugly. I really like it, so glad I got it.

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Master mechanics require the right tools, and the same goes for creative chefs. Equip yourself for any cooking scenario with our kitchen & cooking tools. We offer butcher equipment, kitchen brushes, oil misters, spatulas, strainers & colanders, cooking timers, food scrapers and much more. Specialized tools like garlic presses and pizza peel & pizza cutters are available, along with versatile accessories such as cooking/kitchen utensils, cutting/chopping boards, graters, peelers & slicers, holders & dispensers, kitchen linens, kitchen scales, kitchen thermometers and sharp, sleek knives, cutlery & more.


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