LumiSource Hand Chairs

LumiSource Hand Chairs

Cool, Colorful & So Comfortable

Like curling up in a catcher's mitt, these plush hand-shaped chairs from LumiSource are an ultra-creative seating option for kids—or grown-ups with a playful side! A room sculpture that'll quickly become the most comfortable couch in the house. Comes in a rainbow of different colors (including a cool multicolor option) and both full- and mini-sizes.

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Oh, man. Where were these when I was growing up?! Talk about a kid's dream come true. I've got a good friend who's son is into baseball so I'll definitely suggest these to him. I bet they'd be a hit (no pun intended).

Don Hoffman, Content Editor, ShopLadder
Don Hoffman
Retro Style Mitt Hand Kids Chair in Red Sold Out Until 11/26/18
Retro Style Mitt Hand Kids Chair in Red


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