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Recent Customer Reviews

Mini-Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna
Mini-Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna
Firefighterhuffman from 93609

ease of transfer. i use the sleek signal booster and that product is the greatest thing.Am a firefighter and with the accessory kit I can now use my phone in my room while at work.I went from literally 1 bar to a whopping 5 bars.

Mini-Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna
Mini-Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna
InTheSwamp from 70348

Works great so far. I have this antenna connected to a universal patch adapter that just sticks to the back of my iphone (iphone 4s). I have the antenna outside my room where my signal strength is -77 to -87 (4 bars). The wire is run into my room where, with the door closed, signal strength is -102 to -112 ( 1 or 2 bars at best). I place the patch adapter on the bottom left corner of the phone and signal goes to -84 to -91 ( 4 bars!! ) I have tested it over and over. It works, and get this, the signal I am increasing is coming from a Wilson DB pro booster. I'm using it to grab the boosters signal and transfer some into my room. Yes using this alone straight to your phone w/o a booster inline still works great. I'm on a drilling rig where we had "0" service in living quarters and max of 3 bars outside. We now have 4 bars inside while still only having 3 outside. But note the living area is a huge enclosed steel box so the signal the booster is putting in it is not getting out just as the outside signal isn't coming in. At least not on its own. But it does with a Wilson booster. P.S. We have a DT desktop booster in the lounge/tv room that works good as well. The lounge as well as our bedrooms are basically a steel box inside a steel box when we close the doors. I do not recommend using two systems. It's better and cheaper to get a larger unit. The DB pro is not made for 40 or so guys texting, calling, facebooking, etc... All at the same time. Although its gets the job done you can tell when everyone's on it and when they aren't. Internet is super fast with a 5 to 10 people. With 30 or 40, it's bogs it down.

1000-Watt Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
1000-Watt Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
Honda56 from Undisclosed

This product has great features. It worked great! Did everything it was supposed to do. I would definitely buy another one.

1000-Watt Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
1000-Watt Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
Paul from Undisclosed

Quality and Dependable. Use this in a vehicle to power portable accessories and available if I lose power in my all electric house. It will let me run an extension cord to take care of some basics needs in an emergency.

1000-Watt Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
1000-Watt Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
turfdawg from Undisclosed

Great resource for portable power. Solid construction, easy to operate and dependable. I have this in a work van to provide power for operating a laptop, recharging batteries, running tools like a small air compressor and lights. Has come in handy in using my tools in assisting stranded motorists to get them back on the road. I like the battery saver feature that will not let it discharge my vehicle battery to the point of not having starting power.

1000-Watt Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
1000-Watt Ultra-Compact Power Inverter
Crashjeep from Needham Ma 02494

wonderful product. easy to install easy to wire

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