Modern Napkin Holders

Modern Napkin Holders

Bold Accents for the Table

Go bold at the dining table with modern, angular napkin holders in stainless steel from Germany's top design firms. Classy, cool, solid and striking, these accessories say 21st Century with an exclamation point while preserving a retro grove. Perfect for the contemporary household or stylish restaurant.

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Living in Paris for four years, I grew to appreciate what the French call "l'art de vivre." In France, they appreciate the importance style can have on daily living. Little things matter. This collection is a good example: napkin holders could be an afterthought, but here they are artistic emblems.

Don Hoffman, Content Editor, ShopLadder
Don Hoffman
Vieto Stainless Steel Napkin Holder
Vieto Stainless Steel Napkin Holder

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