Moe's Chairs & Tables

Moe's Chairs & Tables

Midcentury Modern Style & Comfort

Moe's Home Collection presents plenty of living space possibilities. Create a cozy nook with an upholstered club chair in hot pink, bright orange, citron-yellow. Add equal parts fashion and function with a capable side table. With sparse, modern lines and exciting color, these pieces will fit right into your casual or contemporary surroundings.

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Ever since we opened our family run business, Moe's has always been guided by a unique and valuable philosophy; take care of our customers and they'll return the favor. And with our increasing use of eco-friendly reclaimed wood and bamboo, we're keeping an eye out for our planet too.

Moe Samieian, President & CEO, Moe's Home Collection
Moe Samieian
Valencia 28.3 in. Club Chair in Pink - Set of 2
Valencia 28.3 in. Club Chair in Pink - Set of 2


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