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Adjustable Customizable Mount Mantis Junior Pro Umbrella Shade
Adjustable Customizable Mount Mantis Junior Pro Umbrella Shade
Gerlinde / pleasure boater/ diver . from ocala florida

if you need personal shade ? this is it. so far so good ! had a lot of lookers!our 16 ft. john boat was a perfect example ! two fishing seats ,used the swivel mounts& with the adjustable yunior.mantis pro. what a dream ,solved the heat problem . wee are getting 2 additional mounts fore our 25 ft sea-ray sun-dancer .Bimini is only 6ft so the back is always left uncovered . you see this will be perfect! for our back bench seat.with the different mounts it has become very economical!even my husband gave it the OK. being he did not want to be seen with an umbrella !he was so amazed how easy it was to maneuver need to tighten the bolts a little more.its a 1.2.3.cant get any better than that!

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Create a shady spot of your own. Our selection of patio umbrellas include innovative options for keeping cool. Headed to the beach? Our accessories include wind resistant models, sturdy stands, umbrella lights and more. With a tilting or half umbrellas, you'll enjoy customized comfort -- especially when paired with parasols and a base. Other popular selections include Asian designs, offsets and market umbrellas. Optimum portability and protection from the sun comes courtesy of clip ons.

FYI: You can take advantage of bamboo's strength with umbrella framing. It's suited for patio use and designed to install with our featured bar furniture. This cane plant's proven tensile strength will not bend or break in high winds and will remain strong through years of use. Tops are thatched for a truly exotic approach to entertaining and is an instant invitation to relax with friends and family.


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