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Scamp Speaker Stand in Black
Scamp Speaker Stand in Black
Suzy from LIncoln, Nebraska

Great Mobile Lectern. I found the reviews of the product, concerning its description and uses, very accurate and helpful in making the decision to purchase.

Scoot Multi Purpose Lectern in Black
Scoot Multi Purpose Lectern in Black
Jimmy the professor from Indianapolis,In

nice looking. Classroom usage,looks great and appears to be durable

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Professional presentations, world-class instruction and other great talks start with our podiums and accessories including command attention with a pulpit lectern. After clearing your throat, whether as a college instructor, teacher, politico, pastor or 12 step leader, find your own personal soapbox by simply setting up a speaker stand atop a table. For added tech-friendly prowess, consider a smart podium design: see-through, slide-out, speaker-friendly -- you name it, we have it.

Every school, church and speaking area stage needs one. These fantastic podiums come in a variety of multi-function options. Have one to briefly announce or provide two for a healthy debate. Some of these podiums are used in church settings and make the difference when establishing a presence with the community.


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