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Some of our featured products are rated to over 10,000 hours of use like low-voltage bulbs for kitchen and workspace 18-watt and 35-watt fixtures. Consider the wattage you need, intensity, energy used, and how much heat is emitted. In illumination, there are two ends of the spectrum to consider: at one end, cool lower light fluorescents and at the other, hot halogens.

We offer daylight bulbs & tubes, energy saving, fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, krypton, LED, light tubes, and xenon bulbs, which compared to halogen lights, are safer, exhibit fewer maintenance issues, emit no harmful UV rays and illuminate without heat.

In considering replacements, do you want a warmer light than classic fluorescents? How about utilizing the natural light spectrum, that produce less glare on surfaces? While halogens remain extremely popular, and we offer them and fixtures that take them, do you need to look for bulbs with reduced heat production? Consider: is it safe to use in children's rooms? Is it for home or business setting? For extended day-to-day use, and a desire to reduce eyestrain?

Thus have fluorescents become the “Bulb of Choice” as incandescents are or have been phased out. Fluorescent tubes offer greater energy savings while incorporating daylight brightness. Straight tubes are featured for office, study and salon style lamps while rounds are efficient options for magnifying, hobby and craft lighting. Energy efficient designs are featured in both the straight and circular tube designs, and in standard table and floor lamps, they're much easier on the eyes.

Is it past time to give your lamps a facelift with natural spectrum fluorescent tubes? Or stick with replacement incandescents that offer energy savings, low-heat operation, and reduce the glare of standard fluorescents while producing daytime tones?


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