Retro Cellphone Handsets

Retro Cellphone Handsets

Embrace The Past & Convenience

Remember corded phones, and then cordless phones, and then cell phones, and then the happiness you felt when you realized corded phones existed again? Well look no further. These retro handsets connect to your cell phone through your audio jack or by Bluetooth. They're built to modern specifications but still elicit the sense of whimsy and nostalgia of a recently by-gone era. Afraid of cellular radiation? Here's an old fashioned solution.

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What a good idea for a phone accessory: gives you both classic cool and functionality, letting you embrace the past and step into the future. Great conversation piece as well.

Susan Strong, Customer Care, ShopLadder
Susan Strong
2.75 in. Cell Phone Handset Sold Out Until 06/02/18
2.75 in. Cell Phone Handset


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Bluetooth Mobile Handset Sold Out Until 06/09/18
Bluetooth Mobile Handset


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