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Choosing the perfect rug is every bit a tactile decision as a visual one. That's why selecting the right material is essential. So browse our extensive rug selection and explore choices in bamboo, seagrass, cotton, nylon, wool, silk or even faux fur!

Rugs made from natural materials, such as bamboo and seagrass, can impart a calming, organic feel to a room. Faux fur and faux sheepskin rugs have a unique, plush feel. Cotton is a classic. Or pick up a silk rug for a taste of pure luxury.

Regardless of the size or materials, all our rugs are very affordable. We have designs for kitchens, kids' rooms, living and dining rooms: rectangular as well as different sizes. Cotton rugs have lots of vivid colors and styles, uncut loops create the pattern on a cut-and-loop style, and polypropylene is a strong material and excellent for high traffic areas.

Oriental rugs are a mainstay in many homes across the world. Some have antique styling and the perfect look for a historic home. Multi-color styles go well in kids' bedrooms, playrooms and kitchens, while styles with a more neutral base color go well in living and dining rooms.


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