The Mini Minibar

The Mini Minibar

Portable Potables with Style

Be the life of the party at home or visiting your old chum who's been saving that 25 year old Macallan. How can he resist opening it up when you present this one-of-a-kind mini-bar? Some spirits need time and water, poetry late into the night. All you'll need is this mini-bar to be prepared. Even with a small footprint, it still stores all accessories for easy convenience. Ideal for impromptu toasting on the go. Cheers!

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Now this is a mini bar! Forget those pricey drink-filled fridges you find in hotels. This is the real deal. I love how elegant it is. I feel like this belongs in a classic Hitchcock movie.

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ShopLadder Curation Team
Portable Walnut Mini Bar Sold Out Until 03/30/18
Portable Walnut Mini Bar

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