Weighted Workout Dummies

Weighted Workout Dummies

Perfect Sparring Partners

Whether your discipline is jiujitsu, wrestling, judo or mixed martial arts, these weighted or inflatable dummies can take a beating all day long. Perfect for practicing kicks, take-downs, body slams, choke holds or other high intensity moves. Don't be a dummy; hone your skills on one.

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If you're serious about any kind of boxing, martial art or MMA, you're eventually going to realize that shadow boxing isn't a great training method. These dummies will help you perfect your grappling so that bully won't steal your milk money any more.

ShopLadder Curation Team
ShopLadder Curation Team
Adjustable Sparring BOD with Foam Torso Sold Out Until 11/02/18
Adjustable Sparring BOD with Foam Torso


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