Air Oasis Purifiers

Air Oasis Purifiers

Breathe Deep & Easy

Put some advanced technology in your corner and put the power of Air Oasis to work in your home or business. These residential and commercial air purifiers are an innovative way to battle airborn contaminants and odors. Instead of pulling air through filters, they produce a perimeter of protective oxidizers. This not only purifies surrounding air it also sanitizes surfaces.

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Fresh air is critical for any environment but particularly for an office. That's why I'm seriously thinking about ordering one of these for our office. With fresh air we'll come up with fresh ideas!

Bill Rochelle, Vice President, Operations, ShopLadder
Bill Rochelle
1000 G3 Residential Air Sanifier Purifier Sold Out Until 02/22/20
1000 G3 Residential Air Sanifier Purifier

$360.22 $571

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Residential Sanifier Sold Out Until 02/22/20
Residential Sanifier

$445.24 $714

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