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Make a bold statement in a room with an amazing animal-print rug. Whether leopard, zebra, tiger or giraffe, an animal-print rug is a sure-fire way to punch up a space and give your home an exotic safari feel.

Working with such bold patterns can be tricky, so here are some guidelines. The busiest prints, like zebra, work best on either bare wooden floors or against a neutral backdrop. Giraffe prints are perfect for a child's room or any other space where a sense of playfulness is welcome. Prints featuring the big cats - leopards and tigers, are great for upscale living rooms or entertainment areas.

Complete the safari look of a room with animal print rugs. We have whimsical pieces incorporating modern colors and colorful graphics that are striking in every style and will add flair as floor coverings. These are fun additions for kids' rooms and adult spaces, so add a few pieces scattered throughout to make a dramatic decorating statement.

Our animal print rugs collection includes classic and novelty shapes, such as rounds and rectangulars in sizes that also include runners. Animal print rugs feature wool and cow hide crafting, while bolder patterns include leopard, giraffe, zebra and tiger.


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