Bathroom Tub Fixtures

Bathtub DrainsBathtub Drains125 Items
Bathtub Shower EnclosureBathtub Shower Enclosure29 Items
Diverter SpoutDiverter Spout4 Items
Transfer Valves & TrimTransfer Valves & Trim106 Items
Tub Connector/ExtensionTub Connector/Extension28 Items
Tub Faucet HandlesTub Faucet Handles31 Items
Tub SpoutsTub Spouts65 Items

Bathroom Tub Fixtures Best Sellers

ShopLadder Bathroom Tub Fixtures

Many of our add-ons, including bathtub drains, shower enclosures, diverter spouts, tub connector/extensions, piping and extenders for freestanding models and faucet handles, are ready for adjusting and cutting on-site. Support bracing from exposed plumbing includes floor and drain attachments, drop-down framing for curtains includes customizable ceiling and wall braces, and single and double supply kits include tubing, nuts, washers and escutcheons.

Accessory finishes include chrome, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass and satin nickel, and cross and lever handle styles include vintage inspired and painted and porcelain accented metals. For supply lines in walls, choose from various faucet extension lengths, add a custom look for clawfoot tubs using many of our featured add-ons, and for privacy around freestanding tubs, we feature shower curtain supports.


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