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Give birds everything they need to thrive and survive - and to attract them to your home. In addition to featured baths, we provide housing in decorative styles that will brighten and welcome nesting species to your yard. Feeders are always in demand and provide nourishment for your feathered friends and constant entertainment for you. Tube and bowl designs will offer plenty of space for perching and pecking.

Binoculars & Wildlife

While you can watch objects from the comfort of your home or spot wildlife while out walking, to really see them up close in their natural settings, you ought to consider a good set of binoculars. Just imagine being able to watch does and their fawns running and jumping about, or how about birds building their nests or feeding their young. There are so many amazing wildlife moments that you can capture that would be impossible without binoculars.

Bird watching in particular has become one of the fastest growing activities in America. There are so many different species of these beautiful creatures and what’s more, you can watch them from the comfort of your own backyard. In order to enjoy birding as a recreational sport you will need to have the correct pair of binoculars. There are a wide range of binoculars available and these will range from standard binoculars to the new digital camera binoculars. When it comes to choosing the right binoculars there are a few things you will need to look out for.

The first feature you will need on your binoculars is a large objective lens. This will allow you to have a bigger field of view and they also have better light gathering capabilities. The best specification to ensure that you get this is 8 x 40 – 42 or 10 x 40 – 42. The first number here represents the magnification power of the binoculars. The second number is the size of the objective lens, the higher the objective lens the sharper the image.

A waterproof feature on your binoculars is also a very good idea. After all, you never know when it might rain or worse still you could drop your binoculars into a pond. For bird watching or indeed any wildlife watching, lightweight binoculars are essential. You could be watching for hours before you spot what you are looking for and holding heavy binoculars will become quite tiresome.

Hardwearing binoculars are ideal if you intend to go walking in bushes or along forest trails. This is especially essential if you are using your binoculars for hunting. Rubber armored binoculars are perfect for protecting your binoculars against bumps and scrapes.

Digital camera binoculars are another option that you have. With these new modern binoculars you can take pictures of the wildlife you see. This can be extremely useful especially when boasting about the huge stag or unusual bird you saw. These pictures can then be downloaded on to your computer and printed off with ease. You can also enhance these photos and do everything that you can normally do with a digital camera. These binoculars do have their downfall though in that they can be heavy and cumbersome to hold.

There are of course some basic ethics associated with watching wildlife through your binoculars. Never leave rubbish lying around, it can be very easy to take the last sip from your drink and then drop it on the ground because you are busy observing the wildlife. Do not disturb animals homes, if you are watching birds in their nests make sure you watch from a distance. This also goes for any wildlife you may be observing. Stick to the trails provided and don’t disturb the natural habitat. What it really boils down to is common sense and if you can use this, you are sure to have fun watching wildlife with your binoculars.


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