Bottle & Animal Vases

Bottle & Animal Vases

Delightful Decor for Your Blossoms

Whimsical genius...making an owl into a vase. Flowers sticking out of their head as they look on with their dutiful stare. It doesn't get much cuter. The bottle vases come in many sizes to fit just the right bouquet. The variations round out the this refreshingly vivacious collection of vases with a mouth full of flowers, swimming into your heart

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Bottle shaped-decor is always fun, and these vases definitely make me smile. I like how they're subtle enough to fit into any room but still interesting enough to be noticeable.

Connys Marenco, Purchasing, ShopLadder
Connys Marenco
12 in. Copper Finish Ceramic Vase Sold Out Until 10/28/19
12 in. Copper Finish Ceramic Vase

$46.80 $72

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Large Orange Ceramic Bottle Sold Out Until 05/25/20
Large Orange Ceramic Bottle

$72.82 $113

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Herrera Vases - Set of 3 Sold Out Until 10/28/19
Herrera Vases - Set of 3

$87.43 $150

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