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The science of a truly magnificent table begins with an equally interesting base. View the metallic array of possibility available on this site and truly enjoy intricate detail and quality craftsmanship. Rounded and square selections reflect many different styles and selections when looking for desirable bases to further enhance your selections. The vintage good looks of these cast-iron/metal table bases will add a touch of real class to any dining room, and with lines ranging from simple round to elegant Art Nouveau patterns, these pieces show that a base can be much, much more than a supporting player. Finishes range from plain to powder-coat to a semi-gloss that brings out the lines in the ornate pieces.

The very nature of cast iron means long wearing durability in any commercial location, from standard sizes to pub and bistro heights for placement in any location. They're attractive in construction with rounds, prongs, and raised legs and will complement a wide selection of featured table tops. Heavyweight construction adds to the stability.


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