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USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable
USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable
Archer from Undisclosed

excellent product, works like it is suppose to. Plugged the cable to my tower and windows 7 loaded the drivers for it and the cable has been working flawlessly running my printer. with the boost from the active device built in there is no loss of speed to the printing process. This is an excellent product and I would recommend this particular cable to anyone that needs an extended connection. Great company , they sell a great product.

6 ft. 6 dBD USB To Micro USB Cable
6 ft. 6 dBD USB To Micro USB Cable
Lo127 from Undisclosed

Well Built. This is a very well built product. The USB attaches to the device very well and the cord thicker then most and the warranty is very good. I have bought 4 of these cables in the past few weeks and I love them.

Svga Monitor Extension Cable (10 Ft)
Svga Monitor Extension Cable (10 Ft)
Chittu from Undisclosed

Great product. Great product and im glad they finally came out with one of these! Comes in handy, useful for IT Techs, good to have on hand.

USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable
USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable
Jay from Buffao, NY

Excellent Product! This product is great! Works as its supposed to, and is of great quality. I am extremely satisfied with it.

USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable
USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable
Jay from Knoxville, TN

Make sure software isn't limiting USB voltage. I bought this to connect a web cam on a wall to a computer a good distance away. Initially it wasn't working and I was blaming the cable, but it turned out not to be the cable's fault at all. Turns out I had software with a defect that limited the voltage available on the USB bus. Once I corrected that issue, the cable worked fine. I would like if there was an indicator light on the female end to prove that power is getting down the line.

USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable
USB 2.0 Active Extension Cable
james from memphis tn

good. works good

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