Croquet Sets

Croquet Sets

Mallets, Balls, Wickets, Stakes

Grab a set, and you are all set for a game of pall mall, or paille-maille, as croquet's precursor may have been called. From Ireland in the 19th Century? Or introduced to England from France during the reign of Charles II, and played in the early 17th Century? We think England when we think Croquet. Or think Winona Ryder and her pals playing croquet in Heathers (1988), real trend setters were they. It is a lovely backyard game. Anyone can play. Some can master it.

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Croquet: the game of barefoot summer teenage fun. I have memories of running around with friends, bashing balls with mallets, and enjoying the thrill of warm air and feel of soft grass between my toes.

Nathan Haase, Product Development & Design, ShopLadder
Nathan Haase
Complete Croquet Set with Carrying Case
Complete Croquet Set with Carrying Case

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