Elegant Spirals & Swirls

Elegant Spirals & Swirls

Snazzy Furniture & Home Adornments

Convey an atmosphere of visual warmth and beauty in your home by choosing furnishings that incorporate the softly twisting lines of the swirl pattern. Fanciful spirals on the base of an accent table or framing your precious family’s’ photos are just a couple of ways to introduce the characteristic fluid lines into virtually any room you choose. Various lighting choices and distinctive furniture will carry the theme throughout your entire home.

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Sleek clean lines in a home's existing décor are great but throwing in some swirl pattern accent pieces gives it that extra touch of warmth. For instance, swirl pattern pillows atop of a boxy couch soften up the room and make it feel more welcoming.

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39 in.  Portable Quilt Holder in Bronze Sold Out Until 06/18/21
39 in. Portable Quilt Holder in Bronze


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