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Multifuel Furnace
Multifuel Furnace
trev from Columbus, Ohio, United States

exactly what we needed. Purchased this last year, wish I had done so years sooner. We have an all electric house with no access to natural gas, after incurring a $1200.00 electric bill in december of last year I purchased and installed this model. Seen mixed reviews on it but made the leap. This has been the best purchase I have made for my home. The following electric bill after having this in for the entire month was back down to the $275 range. I live in central Ohio and last year was a bad winter. We did burn a lot of pellets, approx $360 worth for the month so we still seen a big savings, over$500 for the month. The only draw back that I know of on this unit is getting the burn rate down. It is set high from the factory and at the lowest setting our house still sits at around 82 degrees. You have to call USSC to have them walk you through getting it set. We had did this last year but it still needs reduced. My house is approx 2800sf and three levels including the basement where the unit is placed. Walk out Basement gets VERY warm! Would purchase again. Have seen reviews about being noisy? May be if it were in the same room but as far as I am concerned it isn't bad at all. I tied into my existing return duct work for my furnace so my whole house fan will pull in the heat and push through the house since my fan is much larger that the fan this unit is equipped with. My existing unit is a five ton heat pump to give you an idea. Hope this helps and good luck beating old man winter!

Sunpentown Portable Evaporative Air Cooler w Remote Control & Sleep Mode
Sunpentown Portable Evaporative Air Cooler w Remote Control & Sleep Mode
Cath from Vancouver Canada

works great for the upstairs office - cool temp. Upstairs office with no windows was too hot to work in by afternoon in summer - now it is a nice comfortable room temp, not cold by any means but a nice temperature to be in. We add a little ice in the morning and good to go for the 9 hours shift of work.

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Control temperature and overall comfort with our heating & cooling products and accessories. From mist coolers to space heaters, we have the equipment to keep your environment comfy, and when the summer heat's on, an air conditioning unit makes sense. Choose among energy efficient air purifiers, dehumidifiers, portable fans and humidifiers. Create a cozy space with our high performance heating accessories, and as seasons change, be prepared to change the warmth or cool in a room or a home. Staying comfy never gets old, so never be too hot or too cold.


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