Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale Furniture

Classic Canopy Beds

Finely crafted beds with curved features, for adults, guest rooms and little girls. Canopies also provide ample opportunities to be creative. Leave them plain or draped with fabrics or curtains giving privacy and more elegance. "I haven't been more happy with any on line purchase. When I look at my bed I am in awe. I can't believe it is mine. I feel like a Queen in my own palace!!" B from Colorado Springs CO

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Design. No one takes it more seriously than we do. After all, the Hillsdale designers own the company. Our commitment to creating forward-thinking designs that set the trends of tomorrow is why we've become America's leader in home furnishings.

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ShopLadder Curation Team
Hillsdale Furniture - Westfield Metal Canopy Bed Set Sold Out Until 02/15/19
Hillsdale Furniture - Westfield Metal Canopy Bed Set

$282.34 $453

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