Industrial Furnishings

Industrial Furnishings

Manufacture a New Reclaimed Decor

Wouldn't it be cool to make your own furniture from reclaimed materials? So skip the work and reap the rewards. This assortment of vintage furnishings exudes authentic character and industrial chic. Paint-flaked iron mirrors. Wheel-inspired stools. Crafty, care-worn storage units. Browse this selection of funky furnishings; it's like shop class meets furniture factory.

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Ever since we opened our family run business, Moe's has always been guided by a unique and valuable philosophy; take care of our customers and they'll return the favor. And with our increasing use of eco-friendly reclaimed wood and bamboo, we're keeping an eye out for our planet too.

Moe Samieian, President & CEO, Moe's Home Collection
Moe Samieian
Paint Box Cabinet
Paint Box Cabinet

$385.00 $789

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