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Comfort Plus - Sleep Comfort Smooth Twin Size Innerspring Mattress, Bed in a Box
Comfort Plus - Sleep Comfort Smooth Twin Size Innerspring Mattress, Bed in a Box
silver from Charleston WV

Mattress. was nicer than I expected.

8 in. Sycamore Futon Mattress
8 in. Sycamore Futon Mattress
Anonymous from Undisclosed

This ones just right... For me. When picking your Icomfort, you need to put yourself in Goldylocks mode. Some models are more firm, some softer. SOme have to much support, some the right amount. For me the REvolution is what I needed for my back and circulaton. I felt it right away. Mine was ordered for me, then I slept on a friends who had 2 at his home since I said I ordered it. SO he said. sleep on the extra I hav e a couple nights. WOW. Just wow. Felt so right, I fell asleep so fast. I wanted to sit and enjoy it but I was out like a light in seconds. Go to a show room and lay on all the beds, you will know what feels the best and literally gives the cloud floating feeling that fits your needs and body. The revolution is a bit softer then some of the other models. SO if you want firmness go with another, if you want softenss and support choose this one.

8 in. Sycamore Futon Mattress
8 in. Sycamore Futon Mattress
Tomas from Undisclosed

Great nights sleep. I love this bed and the pillows as well,I was satisfied with the bed we had It's only 2 years old but my wife say's her back ached every morning so we decided to purchase something at the top of the line.I've never slept better and I never thought I had a problem with our bed before,It sure pays to buy up.

10 in. Pillow Top Mattress in White
10 in. Pillow Top Mattress in White
zippy from East Meredith NY

nice mattress. Replaced my old rv mattress with this one!

10 in. Pillow Top Mattress in White
10 in. Pillow Top Mattress in White
Nana from Texas

great bed. Replaced bed in new fifth wheel witrh this mattress. It was fun watching it expand. very comfortable.

ShopLadder Mattresses

Rest well. With our plush mattress and other assorted styles, a good night's sleep is just a few clicks away. What size fits your room? We carry king, queen, double, full, twin and any other configuration you can think of. For smart use of kid space, a bunk bed is a great idea. You'll also find adjustable, box spring, Bunkie board, hypoallergenic and innerspring mattresses, too. Put the environment first with an eco-friendly version. Other popular bedding selections include futon, latex, ultra-comfy memory foam and pillow tops -- turn your surface into a sleep-ready sanctuary. Go firm, or try therapeutic.

Understanding the importance of a good night's sleep also means selecting for your personal sleeping style. You'll also find California kings from pillow top to latex, keeping in mind that they are four inches narrower - but four inches longer - than a standard king. Twin XLs, which are often difficult to locate, are featured to fit specialty dorm room and home bunk bed units. They're typically five inches longer than a classic twin.

Individuals who sleep on their backs or stomachs often prefer firmer support. This helps keep the spine aligned without sinking into softer surfaces. Firm mattresses are also recommended for heavier individuals. The added support can help reduce spinal misalignment in any position.

Popular innerspring mattresses come in all size with choices in surface padding and material. Pillowtops and plush tops feature classic tufted surfaces and incomparable comfort. There's little difference in comfort choices, but plush tops provide tight top construction that's not as deep as pillowtops. When shopping for these, you'll want to ask about depth as it may affect your fitted sheet sets.

Memory foam, also called viscoelastic foam, is in demand for its luxurious feel when you've settled in and are ready for a good night's sleep. Our models respond to body heat and soften with conformity that also provides spine support. If you're a solid sleeper, these are exceptional choices. Latex foam is fairly new and provides a little more instant resiliency than memory foam styles. This material is resistant to dust mites and is a favorite for those with allergies and asthma. It's a breathable choice that keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Matching Mattresses to Bed Frame Sizes

When purchasing a “bed”, which really means “bed frame,” be sure to coordinate the mattress you use or wish to use:.

Mattress Sizes

Twin (or Single): 38" x 75" (3'2" x 6'3")
Full (or Double): 53" x 75" (4'5" x 6'3")
Queen: 60" x 80" (5'0" x 6'8")
King (Eastern King): 76" x 80" (6'4" x 6'8")
California King (or Western King): 72" x 84" (6'0" x 7'0")

The beds described on ShopLadder often have measurements, and these are for that bed’s framing system. They will vary and can be for a bed rails or slat system or a double ended engineered frame.

NOTE: If you already have a mattress, please measure your mattress exactly so that you are sure that the bed frame you order correctly matches!


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