McKlein Laptop Bags

McKlein Laptop Bags

Stylish Laptop Protection

Square up to these hot, stylish handbags. McKlien Bags have been featured in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times for their innovative design breakthroughs. But most of all the young brother and sister founders are proud of their continuing commitment to quality, value, and functionality in an ever changing modern landscape. Pick up a bag today and feel stylish & protected.

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If you're a fan of classic movies and their elegant stars, the bags in this collection might remind you of Grace Kelly in some of my favorite Hitchcock flicks. Classy, practical and totally stylish.

Veronica Alvarado, Product Development, ShopLadder
Veronica Alvarado
Ladies Briefcase in Green
Ladies Briefcase in Green

$143.18 $270

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