Mobile Laptop Carts

Mobile Laptop Carts

Adjustable, Move It Anywhere

iPads = the Death of Laptops? Not yet. Lots of us still need a real computer, even if a lightweight Ultrabook, with real programs. If you prefer your laptop on a stand and not on your lap, these are practical, portable, storable additions. Breakfast in bed - without bagle crumbs? Some are also constructed so they can extend over your bed.

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A laptop cart allows you to mobilize your home office. You can take calls, tackle other tasks and wherever you go, your computer is right there. The convenient lower shelf keeps additional supplies close by. Wait, does this mean you have to get more work done now?

Fernando Dorta, Customer Service, ShopLadder
Fernando Dorta
Small Laptop Utility Desk with Glass Top and Casters
Small Laptop Utility Desk with Glass Top and Casters

$111.52 $187

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