Modern Drafting Stools

Modern Drafting Stools

Make Work Colorful Again

Enliven any work space. These colorful, comfortable drafting stools display a modern profile with plenty of supportive features. Associates, students and everybody else will appreciate the contoured seats, which adjust to the perfect height. Chrome 5-point bases and full-circle footrings lend a retro touch with bold, lustrous lines.

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A little color in an office is a great way to make the whole space more lively. And these colorful drafting aren't just for architects. They'll work in any environment where creativity counts. Like our company!

Bill Rochelle, Vice President, Operations, ShopLadder
Bill Rochelle
Vibrant Swivel Drafting Stool in Black Sold Out Until 06/15/20
Vibrant Swivel Drafting Stool in Black

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