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Precision/Elite/Pt500 Mouthpieces, 50 Pk
Precision/Elite/Pt500 Mouthpieces, 50 Pk
Linda from Las Vegas, Nevada

PT500 breathalyzer. we have had the breathalyser for over a year. What a great investment it is used daily on treating patients and all new patients.

Elite Slim Breathalyzer
Elite Slim Breathalyzer
Bob76 from Texas, United States

Great Value. Great product that gives a quick and accurate reading.

Elite Slim Breathalyzer
Elite Slim Breathalyzer
amyr from Florida, United States

Easy to use! I bought this product a few months back with no regrets. The device is easy to use and quick. I enjoy the peace of mind knowing i'm driving home safely after a night out.

Elite Slim Breathalyzer
Elite Slim Breathalyzer
derek from Pueblo, CO, United States

works great. I currently got a dui and I have to have a breathalyzer in my car. I have purchased two breathalyzer's before finding this site and this product is on point with what your alcohol level truly is, it's a great product easy to use and very reliable.

Elite Slim Breathalyzer
Elite Slim Breathalyzer
rich from Minneapolis, MN, United States

Love It. I purchased this as a tool to use at home when guests have had drinks. People are amazed at how little alcohol it takes to be impaired and take it much easier than they otherwise would.

Elite Slim Breathalyzer
Elite Slim Breathalyzer
jawsfree from Charleston, SC, United States

Great tool to keep yourself safe. I have owned 3 of these and they work great for about 8 months then they get super slow and eventually won't give a reading. I think it is because they are a sensitive device and when your drinking you have a tendency to be a little rough with these. I have purchased 3 because I think everyone who drinks should have one. Also bought one for my daughter, just in case.

ShopLadder Monitor & Measure

An exercise program will help improve heart health and physical stamina. Monitor short-term effects with heart rate gear and pedometers, and track long-term progress with body fat analyzers and state-of-the-art scales that will give you accurate readouts at every step. Charts and manuals provide excellent reminders, at home and in public areas, of the importance of performing routines properly for safety and best results.


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