NPS Folding Chairs

NPS Folding Chairs

Back Up Seating in Colors Galore

Once there was a time when seating was not an issue. Friends appeared. Make room on the floor. Share the bean bag. Sorry, no room, meet you at...Welcome to the better solution for extra visitors: Folding chairs. Nice folding chairs. Comfy fabric backed that no one complains about. Or stylish but harder metal or plastic ones. Easy to store away of course. Or replace those old cheap ones? That's why we like National Public Seating. For 10 years they have come through for our customers. Top notch.

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NPS [is] the nation’s most complete In-Stock...line of Folding Chairs & Tables...All NPS Furniture is manufactured from the highest quality eco-friendly raw materials, able to withstand the rigors of...Hospitality, Food Service, & other Institutional venues.

David Leibowitz, Regional Sales Manager, National Public Seating
David Leibowitz

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