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Presto 11 in. Electric Skillet
Presto 11 in. Electric Skillet
Grandma Brown from Salt Lake City, UT

Compact Yet Big Enough to Handle The Job. To make clean up easier, we line the pan with foil before cooking.

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No kitchen is complete without the right pans, whether you're just starting out or supplementing existing cookware sets. From frying to sauces, there's a host of choices that include stainless steel and non-stick. With the newest technologies, heating is more uniform for better tasting and perfectly cooked foods, making it easy for novices and gourmet chefs alike to create great meals. Get best brands and best prices galore for all kinds of pans: grill, catering, saute, saucier, Paella, roaster, stir fry, plus skillets.


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