Stylish Lemon Squeezers

Stylish Lemon Squeezers

Extract Citrus Juice with Ease

When life gives you lemons, you know what to do. But do you have the right tools to do it with? These stainless steel citrus squeezers get the job done with style. Featuring bold European design, they make adding a fresh squirt of lemon to fish, tea or any dish you're cooking up a snap.

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All lemon squeezers are definitely not created equal. The two in this collection are some of the most elegant ones available. Perfect for a fancy restaurant or upscale kitchen.

Connys Marenco, Purchasing, ShopLadder
Connys Marenco
Callista Lemon Squeezer in Silver Sold Out Until 01/20/21
Callista Lemon Squeezer in Silver

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