Wall-Mount Fireplaces

Wall-Mount Fireplaces

Spectacular Flame-Lit Accents

What if you could have a gorgeous fireplace at home without the hassle? These gel-fueled, wall-mount fireplaces are smoke-free, easy to install and extremely safe: no burning wood or hot ashes to handle. Available in a wide range of shapes and styles to complement any room, from curving stainless steel models to sculptural glass-fronted fireplaces with beautiful frames.

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Here in South Florida we don't get a lot of cold weather but I still love the glow of flickering flames. These wall-mount fireplaces allow me to appreciate fire without having to worry about heat and smoke.

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ShopLadder Curation Team
Fire Sense - Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Sold Out Until 10/24/19
Fire Sense - Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

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