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6 Pc Flat Bottom Wok Set
6 Pc Flat Bottom Wok Set
HapaPinayGirl from Albuquerque, NM

Buy this if you want a great wok. Cooks great but wasn't happy that one side seemed slightly bent. I'm a little AR, so I like perfection, but other than that it worth every penny.

6-Pc Round Bottom Wok Set
6-Pc Round Bottom Wok Set
Chris the cook from Dallas, TX

good value. This is a quality product and I can see years of use from it. I researched the internet to find the best way to season my pan and am glad I did. My pan is now shiny, dark and beautiful.

6 Pc Flat Bottom Wok Set
6 Pc Flat Bottom Wok Set
i dont have one from western australia

wok. we use the wok every day for every meal my wife is Chinese our family has 15 of us so the wok gets a work out is very good i would recommend it ti any who is looking for one you can not get a good wok in western australia so thank you graham

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Curious about Asian cuisine? Take a wok on the wild side and get cooking. Creating authentic and delicious Oriental dishes is easy when you are working with superior equipment, and our woks are ideal for tasty stir-fry dishes, yet can also handle traditional American dishes, too. Plug in with electric, and with nonstick, cleaning up is easier than ever. Expansive flat bottom woks allow greater surface area -- all the better to add extra meat, veggies and sauce. We also have classic round bottoms and for the true Oriental culinary cooking experience, make sure you check out our cooking accessories.

FYI: The sloped walls of a wok give you just the right heat distribution for keeping vegetables crisp while meats, poultry, or fish cooks. Then, scoop all to the sides while a finishing sauce thickens.


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